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The most important amenity at AMA Estancia is our onsite team, who will not only ensure that your every need is catered to, but help you plan a personalized and unforgettable experience for the time you call our secluded oceanfront estate your home. Led by hospitality manager Clarissa, who will act as your personal concierge, our team includes a personal chef, wilderness guide, maids, butler, driver, farmer and groundskeepers who are all on hand to ensure that not a detail is out of place.

Room Amenities

Each of the 6 suites in the main house, as well as the suite in the pool house, has Indoor/outdoor showers, hardwood detailing, walk-in closets, twice daily maid service, turndown service, air conditioning, wifi, and handcrafted furniture.

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Property Amenities

Infinity lap pool, riding club and stables, tennis courts, soccer pitch, main house speaker system, air conditioned interiors, expansive outdoor living and dining spaces, serviced pool lounge, personal bar, bar and kitchen stocked to your request, wifi throughout, mobile interactive property maps, guided hikes, guided cultural tours and a myriad of sport and adventure gear and opportunities

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Available on request

Yoga, guided exploration of other regions of Panama by car or helicopter, local experts in wellness, biology, ecology or indigenous culture for additional lessons or tours.  

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Watch the pelicans dive for fish among the waves as the sun rises in rose-colored hues on your first morning at AMA Estancia. Spend the cool morning hours exploring our network of trails by foot, bike or horseback, and your guide will open a coconut with a machete so you can savor the refreshing water as you rest in a shady palm grove. You’ll find yourself gazing up a 100-year old jungle tree to greet a family of howler monkeys, or galloping to the summit by horseback to take in views that stretch for a hundred miles. Watch the waves crash against the cliffs, either poolside or as you wait for a swell on your surfboard. Sundowners on the terrace will give you just enough time to wash up before a candle-lit dinner on the South terrace. And that’s just day one.. the diverse coastal and jungle ecosystem, world-class surf breaks, luxury sporting amenities and the rich heritage of the peninsula redefine what it means to take a tropical vacation. At AMA Estancia, adventure is a travel story that only you can tell.

Hiking and Biking

Guests can explore the rolling hills and forest of the estate using our network of biking / hiking trails.  This will provide a close up view the property and the wildlife which inhabit the forest areas, including howler monkeys, iguanas, birds, caimans, and rabbits.







The Pedasi region is a well-known surfing destination.  Specifically Playa Panamaes, just 30 meters from the Main House, is a beach break and has strong waves which are fun for playing in the whitewater, and challenging for the most experienced surfer.



Guests can either kayak in the Ocean, taking off from Puerto Escondido or on one of the many rivers in the area.  Kayaking will offer a unique view of the coastline, or of the fauna and flora, and wildlife that comprise the regions riparian zones.


The Azuero Coastline is known as the Tuna Coast, and Pedasi is a widely known sport fishing destination.   Tuna, Sailfish, Marlin, Wahoo, Grouper and Snapper are regularly caught just off the coast of Pedasi.  Guests at AMAestancia can use the properties’ 10 passenger zodiac boat from Puerto Escondido.  Our Chef, Andres Morataya will prepare your catch to your liking, Guests often request sushi, as this is one his specialties.


Snorkeling + Scuba Diving

Isla Iguana offers one of the biggest well preserved areas of coral reef in the Gulf of Panama.  There is a variety of coral and marine life, including sea turtles.  Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Isla Iguana allow you to experience the multitude of marine life supported by the Pacific Ocean in this region.  Isla Iguana is short boat ride from Pedasi. 

Puerto Escondido less than 30 meters from the Main House has a moderately sized reef offering an up close view of large coral, and marine life including lobsters.



Just to the west of the Main House there is a soccer pitch.

Horseback Riding

Guests at AMAestancia can enjoy horseback riding throughout the estate and the surrounding area which offer dramatic ocean views as seen through a landscape that is comprised of rolling hills, tropical forests, creeks and rivers.  A horseback ride through the estate will allow a close look at the wildlife on the property, our conservation forests, and our ongoing reforestation project.





Guests at AMAestancia can either swim laps in the 25 meter lap pool, or enjoy a vigorous ocean swim.



An acrylic hard court, category 2 (medium-slow) is minutes from the main house.


Pedasi Area

Pedasi Area

The Azuero Peninsula contains some of the oldest human settlements and towns in Panama, and it is where the history and culture of the country is celebrated by locals. There is strong Spanish Colonial influence in the region's architecture and its festivals. Each town centers around a main square and boasts beautiful churches, and colorful colonial style architecture.  Pedasi is unique among these agriculture towns because of its proximity to the ocean. In recent years, tourism has rivaled fishing as the primary industry, turning Pedasi into a quaint holiday destination with restaurants, shops, and activities catered specifically for the traveler. Take of for one of many beaches that are a short distance from Pedasi: Playa Arenal is the port to Isla Iguana, and is primarily a fishing beach but is also suitable for swimming, particularly in the ‘winter’ season when there are few waves. Playa El Toro and Playa Lagarto are favorites amongst the locals and surfers alike, there are typically good waves at these locations and there are rustic cabanas along the beach which provide a perfect picnic spot.

A few recommended stops in Pedasi:

  • Posada de Los Destiladeros – located within 5 minutes of AMA Estancia in Destiladeros, this restaurant offers excellent food, often fresh fish with a tropical flair.  Its lush setting, nestled amongst many trees is immediately adjacent to the ocean.  Don’t miss cocktails before dinner on the deck overlooking the ocean.
  • Isla Iguana – located in Pedasi town, this restaurant is a local favorite.  The cuisine is ‘tipico’ and they often serve the catch of the day.  It is a great spot for lunch if you happen to be in Pedasi.
  • Pasta e Vino – located in Pedasi town, this restaurant offers homemade pasta in the heart of a residential neighborhood.


  • El Sitio – located on the beach, this restaurant provides good spot to relax and enjoy a break from your surf sessions
  • Extreme Surf + Sk8 Shop – located right on the beach, it is very convenient spot to purchase all your surfing and beach supplies.


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Personalized Cuisine

Spread throughout the estate are dozens of organic gardens and orchards that supply our kitchen staff with picked-today produce, and our local neighbors are ranchers and fishermen who are happy to deliver their best cuts as soon as we call over the fence. Repeat guests have been known to wander through the kitchen midday to see what Flavia has in the sweets jar, or to request a smoothie from that day’s orchard picks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included with your stay, as well as a fully stocked bar and wine cellar catered to your tastes. Your personal chef will be happy to work with your dietary needs, to create post adventure snacks and treats at your request, or invite you into the kitchen to share local Panamanian techniques and recipes. Whether you choose to dine on the terrace, at the grand hardwood dining table crafted from a fallen jungle tree, or in a forest cove or beach nook while out and about for the day, the farm-to-table cuisine at AMA Estancia never fails to enliven your senses.

Edible Forest

Wander through the jungle with one of our guides, who can show you the edible forest. The lush green jungle surround is full of fruits, nuts, herbs and vegetables, many that grow wild in the jungle and many more that we have planted as part of our reforestation project. Our sustainability engineer studied how edible plants flourish in the wild, and designed our reforestation plots to provide year-round sustenance. 

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