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We accept a limited number of reservations up to one month in advance for parties of up to fourteen guests.

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By phone

Prefer to make your reservation via phone? Please call 1 (845) 521 7900 for further information.




The 500 hectares AMAestancia property is located 15 kilometers from Pedasi, a charming coastal fishing village in the province of Los Santos in Panama. The region that is also referred to as the Azuero Peninsula is well known for the beauty of its nature and its favorable climate.  Pedasi can be reached from Panama City either by plane within 45 minutes or by car within 4 1/2 hours.



Getting There

 By Plane:

The best way is to fly direct from the U.S. is to the Tocumen International Airport (PTY). Once in Panama City, you can either arrange for a charter plane, or you can purchase tickets for the regional flights between Albrook Regional Airport in Panama City and Pedasi.  


By Car:

Driving from Panama City takes about 4 hours. It is quite a pleasant drive; most of the high way is in perfect conditions and with two lanes so that it is not likely to be stuck in traffic. You will first be driving from Panama City to Divisa where you get off the main high way and head down the Azuero Peninsula to Pedasi. We will provide more detailed information on how to get to the house when your arrival date is approaching. We can also arrange a private transfer that will bring you to AMAestancia.



Email to reserve the Estate or for further questions.