AMA Estancia, Panama - December 2015 Update: 

The rains have stopped falling in Azuero Peninsula, which means that green season is over and summer has begun -- just in time for the winter holidays, we can look forward to months of sunshine. 

We have new updates to share at the equestrian and tennis center. The center is a short walk from the main house, and serves as a launching pad for recreation and exploration of our 1,200 acre property, with areas to socialize and relax after a tough match or adventurous ride. Please enjoy some new photographs of the area in the gallery below, and read on for more details below the gallery. 


The equestrian and tennis center is a series of outdoor rooms centered around the thatch-roofed pavilion with a view of center court, which serves as a lounge and bar. Just behind the courts is a newly completed tennis changing room with lockers and a shower. Adjacent to the horse staging area, there is a changing room and lounge for riders to relax pre- and post- ride, also complete with full bath. The new rooms were built in the shade of existing old-growth trees and are united by tropical gardens and pathways. 

We are proud to share our newly completed stables, for which we partnered with Sustainable Stables of North Carolina. The design reflects the social nature of horses, and thus doesn’t quarantine the horses to stalls. The horses are allowed their natural inclination to herd, and can choose from series of three grazing pastures of a shaded padding area that offers a cool place to drink water day round. A soil mitigation was performed so that the groundcover now supports a diverse grass species set that provides proper nutrition and enough food for the herd year round.